Due to COVID-19 all student programs for summer 2020 are canceled. 



futurePREP'd Academy is a unique public/private partnership between Ottawa Area Intermediate School District, local school districts, colleges/universities, economic development Agencies, chambers of commerce and businesses/organizations.



The FUZE program helps students focus on developing their Skills4Success.  Students will tour local businesses, learn about different careers and build their soft skills during this day adventure!  



IChallengeU is an intense, two-week summer educational opportunity for students in grades 9 - 12 in which they work on a team to solve real-world issues from a local businesses and may apply for scholarship funds.  



IChallengeUth is a one-week summer educational opportunity where students in grades 6 - 8 will work on a team to develop a solution to real problems submitted by a local business and community organizations. 

Sundae School/Second Scoop

Sundae School is a four-day educational opportunity for students in grades K- 5 to engage in learning through brainstorming, teamwork, customer research, developing a communications plan and testing their own work.


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