Governance Team and Structure

In 2018, as part of the effort to expand OCSN to cover more of Ottawa County, Greater Ottawa County United Way was approached to become the employer of record and act as the fiscal agent for OCSN. At that time, OCSN added a Governance team to it's structure. The OCSN Governance Team consists of the following representative from the stakeholder groups for the operation of OCSN to achieve its goals

  • Between two (2) and four (4) members from separate public school’s leadership staff. 
  • One (1) member from OAISD leadership staff. 
  • One (1) member from GOCUW’s leadership staff. 
  • Between one (1) and two (2) members from the leadership staff of the funding partners. 
  • Alternates from the identified Governance Team Member may stand in for the named member when necessary.   

The  OCSN Governance Team meets at least quarterly,and uses a consensus model of decision making, but uses simple majority vote when necessary.   

The Governance Team is responsible for all revenue generating activities required to support the operation of OCSN and helps provide guidance and direction. 


Governance Team Members

OCSN Administration

  • Angela Dershem, Assistant Director, Ottawa Community Schools Network
  • Caroline Geist, Director, Ottawa Community Schools Network

Public School Leadership Staff

OAISD Leadership Staff

United Way Leadership Staff

Funding Partners Leadership Staff