Return to School Resources

Returning to School in 2020 has been different than any other year.  These resources are available to support schools as they plan and respond to the needs of students, the adults in their lives, and school staff.


Mental and Social Emotional Health Guide for Ottawa County

OCSN developed a guide for schools to use as they plan to support student mental health during COVID.  The guide contains information and resources in the following areas:

  • Universal Mental Health Screeners         
  • Identification and Referral of At Risk  
  • Staff Tools, Resources, and Professional    
  • Access Navigator and Mental Health Liaison Crisis Management Plan
  • Wellness Resources for Students and Staff
  • Reporting Protocols for Staff
  • Staff Self Care Tools
  • MDE Resources for Students and Staff
  • Communicate COVID-19 Mental  Health Concerns
  • Communication with Parents
  • Additional Resources

Google DocMental and Social Emotional Health Phase1-5 Resource Guide for Ottawa County:

Ottawa Department of Public Health COVID-19 Return to School Toolkit

The Ottawa County Department of Public Health developed a helpful guide for schools as they return to school during COVID.  

PDF DocumentOttawa Department of Public Health COVID-19 Return to School Toolkit

Returning to Learning Videos from Local Mental Health and Trauma Expert

Dr. Stephanie Grant  is a developmental psychologist who focuses on infants and children with attachment concerns and trauma histories. She teaches and practices clinically in West Michigan. 

Dr. Grant's video to support parents is available to the public.

Teacher and Administrator videos from Dr. Grant are also available for staff in OAISD schools. Contact your administrator, or Angela Dershem or Caroline Geist for more information.




CDC Prepare and Respond Information for Schools and Child Care Programs


The CDC has information on this website for Schools and Child Care Programs​ to "Plan, Prepare, and Respond" to COVID.  It includes information for administrators, parents and caregivers, and printable posters and graphics schools can use.

External LinkCDC Schools and Childcare Programs