Substitute Teacher Info

A Little About Who We Are...

The Ottawa Area Intermediate School District (OAISD) is one of 57 intermediate school districts located in Michigan. The OAISD is comprised of eleven school districts which cover approximately 742 square miles of the West Michigan area. The OAISD serves all public (including public school academies) and non-public schools in the area.

Qualifying to Substitute Teach

To qualify to substitute teach in all districts within the OAISD, you must hold a valid or expired Michigan teaching certificate. Some districts within the OAISD also allow substitute teachers with 60 credit hours to teach within their districts.

If you will be teaching with 60 credit hours OR an expired teaching certificate, you are required to hold a "150 Day Permit" from the Michigan Department of Education.

The fee for this permit is $45.00 per school year. Upon registration with EDUStaff a permit application will be sent to the Michigan Department of Education on your behalf. Prompt payment of this fee is required in order to substitute teach and remain an active sub in the Ottawa Area.

New Substitute Teachers Registering for Current School Year 

School districts within in the OAISD will contract substitute teachers through EDUStaff.

EduStaff information and enrollment packets can be accessed online at You can also obtain information by calling EDUStaff at (877) 974-6338.

Existing Substitute Teachers

All substitute teachers currently registered with the OAISD must register with EDUStaff in order to sub teach for the next school year. "Rollover" documentation can be found at  

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Click on the icon above to link directly to the AESOP site for employee absence reporting and locating substitute teaching opportunities.

For help please contact: 1-877-974-6338.

Substitute Orientation

This program is intended to provide you with an overview of important health and employment information that you should be aware of while working in our area schools.

Accessible via the Internet, the orientation consists of seven modules, it will take approximately 3 hours to complete. The modules are:

  • A Guide for Substitute Teachers
  • Allergy Management
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Hazard Communication
  • Sexual Harassment
  • State and Federal Laws

This training has been designed specifically for substitute teachers. Instructions on how to access and navigate the website, as well as a password, will be provided to you by EDUStaff. .