Truancy Process

In the event that local districts do not have an attendance policy, the OAISD recommends, after six days of absences, the school will contact parents.

After ten full days of  absences, the school will:

Schedule, then conduct, and document (using Truancy Meeting Form) a meeting between the school, parent, and the child to discuss the child's attendance and formulate a plan using all appropriate available resources to resolve the truancy issues locally. This may include changing schedules, assistance in getting to school (e.g., parent/adult escort to school of his/her child, tutoring, testing, parenting, classes, etc.).  If parents refuse to attend the meeting or fail to show, the school will document on the Truancy Meeting Form.

PDF Document Allegan County Truancy Meeting Form (opens new window)

PDF Document Ottawa County Truancy Meeting Form (opens new window)

Local District Follow-Up

If significant absences of fifteen or eight unexcused accumulate, or the local school district policy is exhausted, the school will:

  1. Refer the child to the OAISD truancy officer by filing a completed Truancy Report through the Truancy Data Manager (TDM) system. When a new school year begins, any truancy, regardless of previously filed reports, must have a new Truancy Report filed for the Ottawa Area ISD staff to take any action. Please note that separate Truancy Reports must be filed for each student, regardless if two students are in the same family.
  2. Please keep records of all attempted and/or actual contacts and/or interventions. This information will be required when you submit your Truancy Report.
  3. If we do not have access to your attendance data, you must inform the truancy officer of any and all further absences occurring during the remainder of the semester. Please upload this information in TDM if it is not already visible in the system. If you have additional attendance questions or concerns, please contact Truancy Officer, Angela Morrison.

Truancy Office Follow-Up

Upon receipt of a Truancy Report the truancy staff will:

  1. Send the parent and child a letter by regular and certified mail informing them of the consequences of further absences. A copy of this letter will be sent to the local school district principal.
  2. After the letter has been sent, the OAISD truancy officer will monitor attendance. If the student has not returned to school, the OAISD truancy officer will attempt to contact the parent/guardian.
  3. If absences continue after the above steps, the OAISD truancy officer may schedule a meeting if necessary.
  4. If attendance has not improved, charges could be sought against the parent/guardian and/or juvenile.
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Truancy Officer
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Truancy/Resource Officer
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