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You need support on issues involving your child. The Ottawa Area ISD has created a Parent Advisory Committee (PAC), through which parents have a voice. To learn more please visit the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) webpage.

Project Find

Project Find is Michigan’s response to the Child Find requirements of the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). It is governed by IDEA regulations and Michigan’s special education rules.

Project Find identifies children and youth from birth to 26 years of age who have physical, social emotional, speech & language or cognitive impairments that may affect their educational performance. These conditions may make them eligible for educational services provided by their public school system in Michigan. Project Find provides information about special educational programs and services.

At Ottawa Area Intermediate School District (OAISD), as in each of its local school districts, there is a person who is designated as the Project Find Coordinator; in most cases, it is the director of special education services. This individual can assist in:

  • Identifying students 3 to 26 years of age with special needs.
  • Guiding families to the appropriate educational services within the school district of residence.
  • Finding additional information to assist families with children who have educational needs.

For Children/students ages 3-26: Please contact the special education office in your local school district to find out who the Project Find Coordinator is for your district. This information can be found on the OAISD website at

For children ages 0 through 2: Please contact the Ottawa Area ISD which has a program called Early On that takes the lead for children 0-3 years of age that may be experiencing any type of developmental delay. Early On in Ottawa County may be reached by calling:  (877-702-8600 ext. 4663).

If you wish to find out information about these services, you may also view the OAISD Early On website at

Additional Resources

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