Continuous Improvement & Monitoring System

The Ottawa Area Intermediate School District, local districts and public school academies must comply with the procedures of the Michigan Continuous Improvement Monitoring System (CIMS). This system broadens monitoring from a compliance orientation to focusing on improving educational results for students with disabilities. The goal of CIMS is to provide consistent and regular feedback to districts with regard to how they are performing in their effort to address the State Performance Plan (SPP) indicators. Depending on how a district is performing on the compliance and results SPP indicators will determine what steps may or may not be necessary to improve district performance and ultimately student performance.

The State Office of Special Education randomly monitors all local districts and Ottawa Area ISD programs through a General Supervision Monitoring (GSM) cycle. This ensures that the State meets the program requirements using qualified indicators to measure performance in the following selected priority areas:

  1. Graduation
  2. Dropout
  3. Statewide Assessment
  4. Suspension/Expulsion
  5. Education Environment
  6. Preschool Education Environment
  7. Preschool Outcomes
  8. Facilitated Parent Involvement
  9. Disproportionate Representation – Child with a Disability
  10. Disproportionate Representation – Eligibility Categories
  11. Child Find
  12. Early Childhood Transition
  13. Secondary Transition
  14. Postsecondary Outcomes

Ottawa Area ISD provides training and support to all local school districts and public school academies in the newly created CIMS.