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Reference/Search Site Resources:



Plagiarism Checker

Michigan Educational Research Association

Fantastic Fiction Resources - Fantastic fiction website has links to the bibliographies of over 10,000 authors and information on over 200,000 books

Free Lesson Plans - Organizes more than 1,500 lesson plans, primary documents, science animations, math challenges, and works of art, literature, and music from the Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institution, National Archives, National Science Foundation, NASA, National Institutes of Health, National Gallery of Art, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Park Service, U.S. Geological Survey, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and other federal agencies.

Academic Info - Contains both Education and Teacher degree information resources (books, journals, links etc.)


Free Online Video Streaming Resources Below:

Annenberg - Requires registration for logon ID to access videos

Teacher's Domain - Requires registration for logon ID to access


PBS Frontline

National Geographic

Nova Videos Online

Science Video clips

History Channel


MIT high school - unusual for the sheer volume of information available and its specific organization for a K-12 audience. The site includes more than 2,600 video and audio clips from faculty lectures, as well assignments and lecture notes.

Great Plagiarism Info site: Acadia University - Vaughn Memorial Library

Standford Copyright and Fair Use Center

U.S. Copyright Office - FAQ

Teaching Tolerance

New York Times Teacher Lesson Plans

Closing The Gap - Assistive Technology Resources for Child and Adults with special needs

Super Teacher Links


Annenberg Media

Video on Demand


Ask Jeeves for Kids

Awesome Library

Beaucoup Search Engines

CyberSleuth Kids

Education World


Fact Monster

Music Publishers' Association of the United States



Internet Public Library Kidspace

Kathy's Schrock's Guide for Educators



Library of Congress


Metacrawlers & MetaSearch Engines

EduHound Weekly


Repeat After Us

Resource Shelf



Yahoo Kids

Assessment of 21st Century Skills: The Current Landscape