Ellison Die Cuts

Poster Printer and Ellison Die Cuts/Lamination Information


Do you need posters made? REMC 7 can print your poster/s on our color poster printer!

The poster can be printed from a pdf., photo from a digital camera, or publisher document.  YOu  may email the file to remc7@oaisd.org.

 24" wide x 36" - $10.00

36" wide x 48" - $18.00

42" wide x 60" - $24.00

We can also print 24" x 60 Banner size - $18.00


Lamination for 24" x 36" size poster is an extra $1.00
Lamination for Banner is an extra $2.00


Call (616-738-8940 x 4079) or email (remc7@oaisd.org) REMC 7 if you have questions.

Ellison Dies/Lamination

 Ellison die groupingabc

As always, please call (616-738-8940 Ext 4079) or email REMC 7 (remc7@oaisd.org) to schedule an appointment.

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REMC 7 makes available Ellison and Accu/Cut Die cutting equipment and dies to member schools in a customer service area at the REMC 7 Media Center, Ottawa Area Educational Services Building, 13565 Port Sheldon Rd, Holland.

Educators from REMC 7 member schools need to call the REMC 7 Media Center to make an appointment to use the equipment, dies, and work area. Please call 616-738-8940 ext. 4079 to make an appointment. Due to space limitations, only 3 adults are permitted during one appointment time and due to safety issues, no children, please.

Users must bring their own construction paper and supplies or they can purchase specialty papers from the REMC 7 Media Center.

REMC 7 Ellison Die Cut Kits for Loan/Checkout

REMC 7 has sets of dies and cutting equipment for loan to member schools (see listing below) you may schedule them for use in your school through the REMC 7 Online Scheduling system: http://evideon.oaisd.org/ .

Set - KT00264

Apple, Ant, Box#1, Generic Boy, Brontosaurus, Butterfly, Christmas Tree, Crocodile, Elephant Bookmark, Flower #1A, Generic Girl, Heart #1A, Heart Bookmark, House, Maple Leaf, Oak Leaf, Parrot, Pencil Caps, Pumpkin #1B, Rabbit #1, Sailboat, Shamrock, Snowflake#1, Snowman, Teddy Bear#1B, Tiny Stars, Tree, Tulip, Turkey, Turtle

Set - KT00265

Barn, Birch Leaf#2, Bow, Cow, Crayon Box, Crayon Tiny, Crocodile, Daffodil, Dolphin, Duck, Flag, Jungle Leaves, Kite, Koala, Lamb, Mailbox#2, Puppet-frog, Skate-in-Line, Soccer Ball, Spider, Telephone, Traffic Set: stop, yield, signal, RR, Train Set: boxcar, caboose, locomotive, tank car, USA

Set - KT00266

Award#1B, Birthday Cake, Camera, Campfire, Canoe w/paddle, Car#1, Crayon, Dairy Group, Fire Truck, Frog#2, Fruit & Veg. Group, Gingerbread Man, Grain Group, Hammer, Hen, Horse, Maple Leaf, Meat Group, Palm Tree, Picnic Basket, Pig#2, Pliers, Puppet-teddy bear, Saw, School House, Screw Driver, Star#1B, Teddy Bear#1C, Tractor, Wrench

Set - KT00267

Airplane, Airplane Banner, Basket, Bat, Bicycle, Birdhouse, Candle, Cat, Christmas Lights, Computer Desktop, Diploma, Dog-Scottie, Dragon, Dragonfly, Elastic Geometrics (set of 3), Gingerbread House, Graduate Cap, Hawk, Hummingbird, Lemon, Lobster, Orange, Pail/Shovel, Pennant, Poinsettia, Pumpkin, Star-puffy, Umbrella

Set - KT00268

Mini Acorn, Ambulance, Ants, Baseball, Baseball Cap, Beaver, Bull#1, Mini Butterflies, Mini Checkmarks, Cherries, Crane, Fence-country, Angel Fish, Fish Bowl, Mini Flowers#2, Daisy, Violet, Helicopter, Mermaid, Monkey#1, Pinata, Pineapple, Skateboarder, Skunk#2, Spanish Matador, Starfish, Strawberry, Trophy, Watering Can, Wave

REMC7 Has the Following Alphabet Sets

1 1/4 " Block Letters


2" Block - Upper and Lower Case, Numbers (Ellison)

3" Block - Upper and Lower Case, Numbers (Ellison) Also available in 4" Block

4" D'Nealian - Upper and Lower Case, Numbers


4" Vagabond - Upper and Lower Case, Numbers (Ellison)

 vagabond (1)

4" Dot Letters - Upper and Lower Case, Numbers, Backgrounds (Accu/Cut)

 Dot lettersBdot letters

Sign Language Alphabet

 Sign Language Alaph

 Laminating Services

REMC7 Media Center provides access to laminating services. Laminating pricing is as follows

  • Members: 30 cents per foot for self-service (minimum 1 foot)
  • Non members: 50 cents per foot for self-service (minimum 1 foot)
  • If REMC 7 laminates for you: 50 cents per foot ((minimum 1 foot), customer cuts their objects

Please call 616-738-8940 ext. 4079, or email remc7@oaisd.org to make an appointment to use laminating services.

Educators from member schools may also send materials to the REMC 7 Media Center to have them laminated. The cost is 50 cents/foot if REMC does the laminating.

If you have any questions about Ellison and Accu/Cut Dies or laminating services, please call the REMC 7 Media Center at 616-738-8940 ext. 4079 or email remc7@oaisd.org.

Our Die cut and Laminating hours are 8 am - 4:30 pm daily.