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 RtI parallels SI Process


   The SI Timeline is a collaborative effort between school improvement consultants across the state of Michigan has resulted this website.  Our hope is to place in the hands of teachers, administrators, and all members of educational communities a practical timeline for the school improvement cycle.  While systemically implementing this cycle, we often draw parallels to Response to Intervention systems:  we screen a child in an attempt to "Define the Problem" they may have in a particular area; once we have diagnosed the problem, we "Develop a Plan" based on research and best-practice.  Of course, those involved will want assurances that the plan is "Implemented" with fidelity, and the child's progress is monitored or "Evaluated."  This process is repeated multiple times throughout the year, as you'll see represented in the graphic below.  My hope is you'll find the connection of this website useful and in parallel to OAISD website.

Doug Greer

Doug Greer

School Improvement Consultant for Ottawa Area ISD

877-702-8600 ext. 4109


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Practical SI Timeline (weebly)  

Overview of SI and Resources


Program Evaluation                complete throughout the year

School Process Rubrics   complete by mid-February

School Data Profile/Analysis   complete by mid-April

School Improvement Plan   complete by late May 

Annual Education Report   complete in early August