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Online learning has many different facets and can take on many different styles. From using a Learning Management System (LMS) to using curated content from a provider (such as MVU, GenNET, etc.) online learning opportunities must meet student learning needs. 

Are you wondering if your students are ready for online learning and all that it entails? This resource is a free opportunity for students to find out their level of readiness as well as experience online learning in a safe environment with no grades. Online Learning Orientation Tool (created by MVU).

OLOT is a freely available self-paced learning tool designed to help students understand what online learning entails and introduce the skills and knowledge that are key to success. Used in conjunction with the Online Learner Readiness Rubric, OLOT can help students better understand what to expect when participating in an online course and their level of preparedness. Content is divided into four modules and covers a broad array of topics, including the nature of online coursework, the technical skills needed for online course participation, the influence of learning skills, interest, and motivation on online course performance, and basic organization and workflow tips for students.

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The use of Moodle can fulfill the Michigan online experience requirement.

The Ottawa Area ISD provides the online Learning Management System (LMS) "Moodle" for all administrators and teachers.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is an online Course Management System (CMS) that enables anyone to create powerful, flexible and engaging online learning experiences. Moodle can be used as a stand alone online course or as a supplement to face to face sessions.

What does Moodle offer?

Moodle offers the opportunity for designers to include

Links to web pages

  • Content management (uploading resources)
  • Discussion forums
  • Journals
  • Quizzes/Surveys with different types of questions
  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • Database activities
  • Chat
  • Glossaries
  • Peer assessment activities
  • Assignments
  • Multi language support
  • Collaborative tools
  • RSS Feeds

How can I use Moodle with my participants?

Moodle can be used as a means of sharing information, learning, and collaboration. At the OAISD Moodle is being used for Professional Development, classroom supplementation, and the fulfillment of the MI Online Learning Requirements. Training takes place several times throughout the school year. For more information you may contact Moodle Administrator Anne Thorp at

Student comments about Moodle

~*~Moodle has been very useful to me, using student e-mail is probably the most useful. When I'm doing projects with others it is easy to send e-mails back and forth with different information.~*~

~*~Moodle has been very helpful. I love the fact that we can keep up on our assignments at home. I also really enjoy the fact that we can just post our assignments instead of having to print them all out and waste space in our binder.~*~

~*~In my class Moodle can help a lot. For all of our projects it has links to sites, or anything else we need to know. It also has links to my student e-mail, which we need to open everyday. It is also nice to have some quizzes and tests which you can check your answers, save and go back.~*~

~*~Moodle has been helping me and the rest of my class in many ways. It helps me know exactly what the homework is, and when it is due. And it allows us to do the homework at home and check what grade we got on that specific assignment without having to go up and ask the teacher. It really just helps the whole homework situation in general.~*~

Teacher Comments About Moodle

~*~My students are so excited about using Moodle. Many have been using the discussion aspect very effectively. They are asking questions that are math related (most of them)and seem to be having fun in the process.~*~

~*~My students love Moodling - or at least the discussion board. I have only done ice breakers thus far, but they have enjoyed it. I have used the online quizzes and attached many useful documents that they use in class daily. Thus far Moodle has been a great tool for my business class. I am thinking about possibly using the discussion aspect for my accounting class at semester~*~

~*~My students love it so far. There are doing and introduce yourself exercise with each other in a discussion forum. They are also using the quiz feature to review for tests. I also have all their assignments, notes, and labs available for them to download if they lose them, or are at home sick. I use the calendar to post classwork and homework too.~*~

~*~My students are really into this. My favorite thing so far is that the shy ones feel so much more comfortable sharing their thoughts via Moodle! I look forward to using it for test review, as earlier described.~*~

Other (free) online systems

The safest and easiest way for educators to connect and collaborate with students, parents, and each other.

For teachers

  • Create a blended learning classroom
  • Join global learning communities
  • Discover and share valuable resources

For administrators

  • Gain insights and manage your users
  • Build teacher capacity via PLCs
  • Curate & distribute content in your district

Experience the power of a global learning community. Build connections and collaborate with your peers.
Schoology lets you

  • manage your classroom
  • engage your students
  • find resources
  • connect to other teachers anytime, anywhere

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