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Additional Internet Safety Resources:
The Internet Keep Safe Coalition group teaches basic rules of Internet safety to children and parents.
A non-profit foundation whose mission is to educate and empower youth to make their Internet experiences safe and responsible.
Committed to the safety of children and teens both on and offline. The kids' section is particularly good for children through fourth grade and does not link to any outside source to ensure a safe and positive experience for children. provides practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry to help you be on guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer, and protect your personal information.
The Michigan Children's Protection Registry is a secure database of protected e-mail addresses and other electronic contact points such as: fax numbers, mobile phone numbers (SMS), and instant messenger IDs. It allows Michigan's parents and schools to register electronic contact points that children may access.
By addressing issues like piracy, fraud, online romances, bullying, social networking, blogging, cyber stalking, online predators, identity theft and more. Webwisekids programs prepare young people to be their own first line of defense so they can safely explore the best that the Internet has to offer.
Provides help, information and education to Internet and mobile device users of all ages. WiredSafety helps victims of cyberabuse ranging from online fraud, cyberstalking and child safety, to hacking and malicious code attacks. They also help parents with issues, such as MySpace and cyberbullying.
There are an unfathomable amount of sites and apps you don't want your kid to see. Managing your child's online activity can seem like a daunting task. Now, it's easier than ever thanks to intelligent new products, handy software and built-in safety settings. Here are just a few ways to help establish a kid-friendly network.