Gifted and Talented

Local District Resources

Allendale Public Schools

Allendale Public Schools ASCENT Program takes a multi-level educational approach to meet the unique needs of our high-achieving learners. Through the ASCENT Program, our high-achieving learners have the opportunity to receive modifications to their educational plan such as pull-out classes, subject and grade level acceleration, and flexible grouping in the classroom .

Holland Public Schools

Holland Public Schools recognizes academic talent within its student population. The district acknowledges that gifted students need support, encouragement, and innovative strategies that motivate them to achieve at their personal best. HPS provides challenging opportunities for children in grades 3rd - 7th to excel in a Gifted/Talented program serving the academic, social, and unique learning needs of highly intelligent youth.

Hudsonville Public Schools

This year we have hired two full time GT Consultants for the district. Our primary focus is on helping teachers better differentiate within their classrooms to provide meaningful learning opportunities for our gifted and talented population. We assist teachers in identifying students, assist in differentiation strategies, provide enrichment materials and programming for advanced students and communicate the special needs of these students from grade level to grade level. Our focus topic for this year is elementary math.

Jenison Public Schools

Jenison Public Schools offers a pull-out program for high-achieving learners in grades 3-6 through its ACT (Academically Talented) Program. Jenison also provides s a strong accelerated mathematics program beginning in the elementary grades and successfully competes in LEGO Robotics, Science Olympiad, Continental Mathematics, and Michigan Mathematics League

Saugatuck Public Schools

At Saugatuck Public Schools, we are dedicated to the idea that every student has the right to an education that provides opportunities for the maximum development of his/her potential. We believe we can best meet our students' educational needs by offering a continuum of gifted and talented services. Through differentiated instruction in the classroom and a wide-range enrichment opportunities we are able to provide the rigor high ability students need to excel academically. For more information, please contact Michaelle Gust, District Learning Coordinator, at 857-2133 Ext. 131 or email:

West Ottawa

West Ottawa's SAIL (Students Accelerating in Learning) Program is a gifted and talented learning opportunity available for students excelling in English Language Arts.Qualifying students from second through fifth grade receive daily language arts instruction in the SAIL classroom.Instruction is focused on comprehensive studies of reading and writing through genres.Advanced skills are taught and mastered within these studies .For more information please call (616)786-1300.  

Zeeland Public Schools

A gifted and talented program is available for Zeeland fourth and fifth graders. Approximately 50 students from our four elementary schools qualified for the program, which takes place in two classrooms at Woodbridge Elementary School. Students must be tested and qualify in order to attend the gifted and talented classrooms. For more information, contact Woodbridge Elementary School at 616-748-3400.

Zeeland Christian Schools

Zeeland Christian School recognizes that there are students who are highly capable in the classroom. These academically talented students are identified and then provided with appropriate opportunities and services, which may include:

Classroom enrichment
Small group exploration
Subject differentiation and/or acceleration
Long distance learning experiences

The resource room coordinates services and supports general education teachers who are seeking to provide appropriate instruction for their highly capable students. For more information about Zeeland Christian School go to