Topics of Interest

These pages highlight science resources of interest for students, parents and teachers.

Staying Informed

  • Science Matters Network in Michigan - This page provides bi-weekly updates to Michigan science education stakeholders courtesy of the Michigan Science Teachers Association, the Michigan Math & Science Centers Network and the Michigan Department of Education.

  • NSTA Science News - This page highlights science news from the National Science Teachers Association website.

Current Events

  • "ScienceDaily" articles - This awesome resource provided by the Reuters news organization , updated up to six times each day, highlights science news and research findings from around the world.

Cool Science Websites

  • Nova ScienceNOW - NOVA, the investigative reporting giant from Public Broadcasting, turns its lens to the timeliest developments and most intriguing personalities in science and technology.

  • NPR Science Friday - Science Friday is National Public Radio's flagship program focusing on timely and cutting edge science issues.  The website includes podcasts from recent shows, links and videos mentioned during the weekly Friday broadcast.