Next Generation Science Standards

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The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are being developed through a collaborative, state-led process managed by Achieve.

Michigan is a Lead State in the development of these new K-12 science standards.

The NGSS will be rich in content and practice and arranged in a coherent manner across disciplines and grades to provide all students the basis for an internationally benchmarked science education.

The NGSS are based on the Framework for K-12 Science Education developed by the National Research Council.

                                                      2013-14 Updates

January 24, 2014: Hamilton Community Schools Teacher Professional Development Day

Secondary presentation (PDF) and Elementary presentation (PDF)



November 11, 2013: The National Science Teacher Association's has been hard at work creating their NGSS Portal .

It contains great content and links to NGSS resources for all science education stakeholders.

There will be additional content and features to share in the coming months. 

October 24, 2013: Via voice vote, the Michigan Senate approved a resolution that allows the Michigan Department of Education to move forward with implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

Eyes now  turn to the work of adopting the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

The Michigan Department of Education webpage previously dedicated to NGSS has been removed, awaiting new content.  A revised time-table for NGSS adoption has not been communicated.

September 26, 2013: Education Week reporter Erik Robelen, one of two managers of the Curriculum Matters blog at Education Week , has a great reintroduction to NGSS development and adoption using Storify .

September 25, 2013: The K12 Center just wrapped up a  two-day Invitational Research Symposium on Science Assesmentin Washington, DC.

A summary page with links to papers, presentations and videos of closing comments is available.

Needless to day, there will be a great deal of work on the assessment front to support NGSS implementation.  

September 20, 2013: With clarity for legislative issues related to MDE's implementation of the Common Core State Standards coming soon, some legislative attention has shifted to the NGSS.

House Bill 4972 was introduced and referred to the Education Committee on Sept. 12.  The bill seeks to block adoption and all alignment of Michigan's science standards and assessments to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Articles in the Petoskey News and MLive provide additional details.

More will surely be on the horizon with regard to NGSS adoption.  Stay tuned.

August 19, 2013: It has been an interesting summer on the standards front here in Michigan.  This intrigue has definitely impacted progress with the NGSS.

1) The pause in MDE's implementation of the Common Core State Standards resulting from Public Act 59, has put NGSS adoption on hold. 

We likely WILL NOT see a revised timeline for MI adoption until clarification of the CSSS issues at hand.

2) NGSS Appendix C - College and Career Readiness was released mid-July.  This represents the last of the appendices we were waiting on with the final release this past spring.

3) The print edition of the NGSS is now available for order from the National Academies Press website for $49.95.  The spiral bound version looks to be a very good resource for teacher and curriculum director reference.

NGSS Print Edition Sample
                     NGSS print edition layout - spiral bound format

 4) A free option for quick access to the NGSS document and appendices is available from Mastery Connect. They have recently released an NGSS app for the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone platforms.

Mastery Connect NGSS App
                     Mastery Connect NGSS app screenshot

The free iPhone and iPad app can be found in iTunes.

The free Android app can be found in the Google Play store.

                                                      2012-13 Updates

May 17, 2013: Two updates regarding additional resources available on the Next Generation Science Standards website.

1) An interactive version is now available online. This tool allows users to search the standards and organize content to meet their needs thorugh grade bad/level display.

The NGSS can also be viewed as the individual performance expectations that make up the standards.

2) The PDF document of the standards has also been updated with connections to ELA and Math Common Core State Standards that were not included in the original release on April 9, 2013. 

April 30, 2013: Download the 6-8 NGSS Performance Expectation template or the 9-12 NGSS Peformance Expectation template for the OAISD NGSS Analysis session. 

Check out this table higlighting differences between the Topic and Core Idea organization of the NGSS courtesy of the NSTA.

Check out these Incredible, free resources and videos from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute as well as their Click and Learn app, Earthviewer app and Viral Bacteria ID Lab app.

April 29, 2013: Download the K-5 NGSS Performance Expectation template used during the OAISD NGSS analysis session.

Science News for Kids could serve as an excellent resource for informational text on science topics for your curriculum.

Lots of talk about weather and climate in our grade-level analysis this is an article from NASA highlighting the difference between weather and climate .

Here are the collected questions from the Framework for K-12 Science Education.

Earth science trade book database maintained by GVSU.


April 26, 2013: Registration now open for Michigan's NGSS Rollout event at Michigan State University on May 28.

Join science educators and leaders from throughout Michigan for this day-long session to introduce the proposed Next Generation Science Standards

Special presentations by:

  • Stephen Pruitt, Achieve Inc.
  • Joseph Krajcik, CREATE for STEM, Michigan State University
  • Mike Flanagan, Michigan Department of Education
  • Other educational leaders from across the state

Event details and registration are available online.


Apr. 14, 2013: Highly recommended....


Please take a look at April 14 "NGSS Release - Now What?" post on the OAISD SciGeek blog  for some critical perspective and suggestions on what to do now that the standards have been released.


 Apr. 9, 2013:  NGSS Update - Next Generation Science Standards Released

The Next Generation Science Standards were released earlier today and are now available at .

These science education standards establish learning expectations in science for K–12 students combining three important dimensions—science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and crosscutting concepts.

Science education stakeholders and supporters believe that the NGSS can be used as the backbone of a cohesive approach to science instruction that will significantly change the way science is taught and learned for our nation’s most important resource.

Mar. 12, 2013:  Dr. Joseph Krajcik, Director of CREATE for STEM delivered the keynote address at the Michigan Science Teachers Association annual conference on Friday, March 8 at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

A PDF of the Keynote address is available for download.

Mar. 8, 2013: The delivery of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) continues to be set for late March.  An e-mail update will be sent to all affiliate groups s soon as the document is available online.

Key updates focus on information from MI Department of Education.

These updates were provided at the Michigan Science Teachers Association Conference held at Eastern Michigan University on March 8 and 9.

A) With the completion of the NGSS scheduled for late March, the Michigan Board of Education will have a public comment period in April prior to adoption of the NGSS at the May or June meeting.

B) A statewide rollout of the NGSS is currently being planned for May 28 at he Kellogg Center on the campus of Michigan State University.

Additional details from this revised timeline are available for download.