Early On/Infant Program

Infant Development Program


The Infant Development Program is designed to support families with children (birth to three years) who have developmental delays or disabilities. The goals of the Infant Development Program are:

-to enhance the growth and development of children with special needs
-to help families better understand and work with their special needs child
-to identify and evaluate possible developmental delays or disabilities in children
-to coordinate services for special needs children and their families in conjunction with Early On


The program is based on a team evaluation and development of an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) with goals and objectives determined jointly by staff and parents.

The IFSP goals are developed in areas of:

  1. Cognition (problem solving skills)
  2. Speech and Language
  3. Fine Motor (hand/eye coordination skills)
  4. Oral Motor (feeding and pre-speech skills)
  5. Gross Motor and Reflex Development
  6. Social/Emotional Development
  7. Self-help Skills
  8. Medically Limited or Fragile Health Status


The Infant Development Program provides the following specific services:

-periodic evaluation of the child's growth and development
-ongoing referral assistance to appropriate medical and social services
-initial multidisciplinary developmental evaluations of a child suspected of having a developmental delay
-participation in the infant/toddler program
-regularly scheduled parent group meetings


Coordinator... responsible for overall program coordination, educational planning for the children in the program, and parent meetings.

Special Education Teacher ...implements the IEPs designed for each child.

Speech and Language Pathologist ...evaluates the level of skill development with respect to understanding language and using verbal expression. The pathologist also considers any physical disabilities and their effect on the communication process.

Physical Therapist ...evaluates movement, muscle tone, strength, and balance. The therapist will work with children and their parents to facilitate the development of motor skills such as rolling, sitting, crawling, and walking.

Occupational Therapist ...evaluates hand skills and feeding skills. The therapist will work with children and their parents to facilitate the development of fine motor skills such as grasp patterns and eye-hand coordination, along with development of independent feeding skills.

Psychologist ...assesses cognitive abilities in terms of thinking and problem solving skills. The psychologist also looks at the social and emotional development of the child.

Paraprofessional ...work under the direction of a special education teacher to implement the IEPs designed for each child.

Social Worker, Vision Impaired Consultant, and Hearing Impaired Consultant ...are also available, as needed, to meet individual needs.

Referral Procedure

Any child, birth to three years old, who is suspected of having a developmental delay may be referred.

If you suspect your child is in need of infant special education services, contact your local school district or the Early On Program at 616-738-8940, ext. 4663 or 1-877-702-8600 ext. 4663

The Ottawa Area Intermediate School District's Infant Development Program serves:

  • Allendale Public Schools
  • Coopersville Public Schools
  • Grand Haven Area Public Schools
  • Hamilton Community Schools
  • Holland Public Schools
  • Hudsonville Public Schools
  • Jenison Public Schools
  • Saugatuck Public Schools
  • Spring Lake Public Schools
  • West Ottawa Public Schools
  • Zeeland Public Schools
  • Public School Academies

Playgroup Sites

Grand Haven Group Site
605 Elliot
Grand Haven, MI 49417

Holland Group Site
Maplewood ECC
925 Central
Holland, MI 49423

Hudsonville Early Childhood Center
5535 School St
Hudsonville, MI 49426

Allendale/Jenison Group Site
Hudsonville Early Childhood Center
5535 School St
Hudsonville, MI 49426

West Ottawa Group Site
Harbor Lights Middle School
1138 136th Ave
Holland, MI 49424

Zeeland Group Site
City on a Hill
100 S. Pine – Suite 300
Zeeland, MI  49464