WhoAmI is an online system developed in collaboration with Atomic Object  which enables students in 6th - 12th grades to document and share projects they are working on, receive feedback on those projects from their peers and outside experts, publish their work to an online, digital resume, and explore what local businesses and individuals within those businesses do.

External Link  Example of an online resume within WhoAmI

Account Information

To receive an account within the WhoAmiI system and/or to use it with your students, please contact one of us directly at:

Valorie Putnam
Assistant Superintendent
616-738-8935 x4203
David Searles
616-738-8950 x4302
Kathy Steinbach
Administrative Assistant
616-738-8950 x4034
Jennifer Knittel
616-738-8950 x4878
Nicole Gitler
Program Developer
616-738-8950 x4175
Gwen Luban
Program Developer
616-738-8950 x4176
Melissa Bultema
Specialist/Early College
616-738-8950 x4204
David Ladd
Career Development Facilitator
616-738-8950 x4089