Unite4Insight is a program that gives futurePREP'd Alumni the opportunity, space, and time to be partnered with a local business/organization that relates to specific content standards they teach and create units of instruction that integrate what they learn from the partnering business/organization.


For questions or more information, please contact one of our staff members:

Valorie Putnam
Assistant Superintendent
616-738-8935 x4203
David Searles
616-738-8950 x4302
Kathy Steinbach
Administrative Assistant
616-738-8950 x4034
Nicole Gitler
Program Developer
616-738-8950 x4175
Gwen Luban
Program Developer
616-738-8950 x4176
Melissa Bultema
Specialist/Early College
David Ladd
Career Development Facilitator
616-738-8950 x4089