futurePREP'd Academy is a Unique Opportunity For Local Businesses to Expose Educators and Students to Their Work.

Businesses participating in the 2013/14 futurePREP'd Academy Program include:

There are a variety of ways for businesses to get involved in futurePREP'd Academy..

Contact us directly if you are interested in being part of the program.

futurePrepSnippet IChallengeU (9th-12th Grade)

IChallengeU is an intense, two-week summer educational opportunity for 11th and 12th grade students to work with Master Teachers from across the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District (OAISD) and Ottawa Area corporate, civic, and community leaders to develop solutions to real problems as posed by the partnering corporate, civic, and community partners. Participating students earn 4 college credits through Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) and have the opportunity to experience first-hand some of the area's most innovative companies and organizations.

futurePrepSnippet IChallengeUth (6th-8th Grade)

Modeled after the IChallengeU Program, over the course of a week in the summer incoming 7th - 8th grade students will work through the process of developing solutions to real-world issues that local companies/organizations are currently facing. The solutions that students develop are then presented back to leadership at the company and a panel of judges at the end of the program.

futurePrepSnippet futurePREP'd Academy

The futurePREP'd Academy is an after-school opportunity for incoming 11th and 12th grade students to work with Master Teachers from across the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District (OAISD) and Ottawa Area corporations and organizations to learn about the myriad of opportunities that surround them and how this could fit into potential careers and post-secondary programs of study.

futurePrepSnippet Summer Immersion 

Summer Immersion is a unique opportunity for high school students to work with Master Teachers from across the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District (OAISD) to explore unique topics and content (e.g. - Urban Sociology, Poetry, Dune Ecology, etc.) in a hands-on and experiential way across five weeks in the summer. Students that participate in the Summer Immersion Program will have the opportunity to earn high school credit through the program.

futurePrepSnippet "We Make It Here" Videos 

In collaboration with the Image Group, "We Make It Here" videos highlight various employees' career paths and their current positions within participating businesses. The videos will be utilized with students to highlight what local businesses do, the range of career options that exist locally, and the journey various individuals took to get to where they are at.

futurePrepSnippet Internships

Through futurePREP'd Academy, participating businesses have a direct link to students who have the interest and passion to engage in internships at their company.

futurePrepSnippet Mentoring

Beginning in the 2014/2015 school year, individuals from local businesses and organizations will have the opportunity to participate in a structured mentoring program with students in the 8th grade.

Please contact one of our staff members directly for more information:

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Assistant Superintendent
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