Pupil Membership - Days and Clock Hours

SY 2019-20 Minimums = 180 days and 1,098 hours 


SY 2019-20 Days & Clock Hours of Instruction Forms

Excel DocumentPA-45 - Days & Hours of Instruction Form

Excel DocumentPA-45A - Days & Hours ISD Programs Form

Excel DocumentPA-45HC - Days & Hours ECSE Home Community Programs Form

Excel DocumentPA-45Cyber - Days & Hours Cyber Schools Form

SY 2019-2020 FTE for ISD Programs

PDF DocumentPA-45A(1) Kent ISD Operated Programs Days & Hours (coming soon)

PDF DocumentPA-45A(2) Ottawa Area ISD Operated Programs Days & Hours


Canceled/Forgiven Worksheets & Attendance Log

Excel DocumentPA-46 Canceled and Forgiven Worksheet (optional)

Excel DocumentPA-45B - 75% Attendance Log (optional; use if SIS will not produce % attendance report)


Educational Entity Master (EEM) End of Year Days & Clock Hours Submission

PDF DocumentEEM D/CH Quick Entry Guide

Word DocumentMDE Days, Hours, and Attendance Tracking Document (This form required UNLESS district "Fell Short" of 180 days or 1,098 hours and did full data reporting the EEM D/CH application.)

Pupil Membership Staff

Ottawa/Kent Regional Pupil Membership Office

198 East Street, Room 103
Coopersville, MI 49404
Phone: 616-738-8940 x 4006
Emily Taylor
Project Manager/Pupil Auditing
616-738-8940 x4006
Susan Pawlak
616-738-8940 x4087
Joyce Robrahn
616-738-8940 x4014

Part Time Auditors (Email Only)

Tamara Manne
Auditor - Teacher Credentials
Kathleen Hudson
Auditor - Section 25