Count Dates and Deadlines

2018-19 Count Days & Deadlines


Fall Count - October 3, 2018

Nov. 7, 2018:    MSDS Fall Submission Due to CEPI
Nov. 14, 2018:  Fall Audit Materials Due to ISD
Nov. 14, 2018:  MSDS Fall Certification Due to CEPI


Spring Supplemental Count - February 13, 2019

Mar. 20, 2019:  MSDS Spring Submission Due to CEPI
Mar. 27, 2019:  Spring Audit Materials Due to ISD
Mar. 27, 2019:  MSDS Spring Certification Due to CEPI


Alternate Count Days  


  • For early childhood special education, part time kindergarten, shared time instructional programs, and block schedules for which some courses are not scheduled to meet on count day...

The immediate following day on which the program or course is regularly scheduled to be in session after the Wednesday count day shall be the count day for that program or course.


  • For districts not in session on the fall or spring count day due to conditions not within the control of school authorities...

With the approval of the State Superintendent, the immediate following day on which district is in session shall be count day.

Pupil Membership Staff

Ottawa/Kent Regional Pupil Membership Office

198 East Street, Room 103
Coopersville, MI 49404
Phone: 616-738-8940 x 4006
Emily Taylor
Project Manager/Pupil Auditing
616-738-8940 x4006
Susan Pawlak
616-738-8940 x4087
Joyce Robrahn
616-738-8940 x4014

Part Time Auditors (Email Only)

Tamara Manne
Auditor - Teacher Credentials
Kathleen Hudson
Auditor - Section 25