Business Services

Business Services Overview

Along with oversight of the financial affairs of the intermediate school district (ISD) and management of its physical facilities, the Business Services department provides:

Annual Web Report

Public Act 413 (Enrolled House Bill 5475) (opens in a new window), passed in 2004, amended the Revised School Code by adding Section 620 requiring each ISD to post certain information on its web site concerning the previous fiscal year. The Annual Web Report is provided in compliance with Michigan law and as a service to the communities we serve.

403(b) Documents

PDF Document List of 403(b) Vendors (opens in a new window)  

PDF Document 403(b) Agreement Form (opens in a new window)

Meeting & Training Schedules

PDF DocumentBuilding and Grounds Supervisors (opens in a new window)

External Link  Bus Driver Training

Policies & Guidelines

PDF DocumentTravel Policy Guidelines (opens in a new window)

Report Due Dates

September 23, 2016
SE 4096 Reports Due to ISD

October 7, 2016
SE 4094 Transportation Expenditure Report Due Online @ CEPI

November 1, 2016
Financial Audit Reports and Management Letters Due Electronically to MDE & ISD

November 1, 2016
FID Transmittal Due Date

November 9, 2016
MSDS Fall Submission Due @ CEPI

November 16, 2016
Fall Audit Materials Due @ ISD
MSDS File Certification Due @ CEPI

March 15, 2017
MSDS Spring Submission Due @ CEPI

March 22, 2017
Spring Audit Materials Due @ ISD
MSDS File Certification Due @ CEPI

June 30, 2017
MSDS End of Year Data Snapshot Due @ CEPI

July 1, 2017
MSDS End of Year Files Certification Due @ CEPI