What is an ISD? 

TEXTBOOK ANSWER: An Intermediate School District is a government agency usually organized at the county or multi-county level that assists local school districts in providing programs and services. Additionally, they collect data for the state department of education.


This definition works for all 56 Intermediate School Districts in the state of Michigan and covers regional special education, career/technical education, and general education services.

Ottawa Area ISD 

The definition does not, however, capture the dynamic and responsive relationship that exists between the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District, our local school districts, and our other community and business partners. In fact, the needs of our customers actually define the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District.

Is Driven by our Vision and Mission

To enhance the educational effectiveness, efficiency, and success of students, schools, and communities, the OAISD has established a strategic focus designed to meet the unique needs of its diverse client base. Fundamental to this strategic focus is a consistent theme...

We Deliver Customized Solutions

Because we are constantly adapting and responding to the marketplace, it's very difficult to put together a precise list of services for this website.

Our Staff

Consequently, what you don't see on this site may be just as important as what you do see: our staff's willingness and ability to respond with creativity, flexibility, and expertise in a variety of educational and business-related arenas.

Working for You

As you browse this site, please remember it is only a framework. Within this framework there are literally hundreds of ways to customize our efforts to your specific needs. We'll even help connect you with services and resources that might not fit within our framework.

So, go ahead...think up new ways we can address your educational interests. We like that!

And you deserve no less.