Our Brand

Logo with Explanation: Lead: cirular, spiral-like, green shape. Learn: center. Serve: circular, spiral-like, blue shape. Ottawa Area ISD

represents dependability, strength, honesty, friendliness, wisdom, understanding, compassion

represents success, charity, growth, rejuvenation, ambition, stability, endurance

The OAISD logo represents our organizational values, characteristics of our unique culture, and the nature of our work. While it is essentially a simple design comprised of two spiral-like shapes that flow in tandem to form a circular shape, it represents many facets of our organization in a myriad of ways.

At first glance, you’ll see a similarity to the yin and yang symbol that represents opposing yet complementary forces (Serve and Lead) to form a dynamic system. OAISD is indeed a dynamic system with its diverse service areas that enrich lives from birth to adults of all ages and reach far beyond the district boundaries outlined on a map.

The circular shape leans slightly to the right to represent forward motion and progress. One of the spiral-like shapes represents our role in service and the other in leadership. These roles co-exist in our daily work to personalize learning. When these graphic elements unite, they create an open interior space element - the core of the logo - that represents the core of our organizational Purpose: Learning…personal and personalized learning. As employees of OAISD, individually and collectively we seek to learn about customer needs, best practices, and future trend and opportunities. We seek to gain understanding and knowledge so that we can more effectively serve and provide leadership to our diverse internal and external customers.

The slightly asymmetrical and free-form circular image creates an organic shape that conveys creativity, evolution and transformation. With no beginning or end, the image represents well-roundedness and completeness. The two spiral-like circles have free movement and work collaboratively with one another to convey synergy, unity and harmony. Individually, the width of the circular shapes gradually increases indicating growth, opportunity and leadership. Their interconnection suggests the OAISD’s commitment to relationships and building a strong community.

Logos available for Download:

OAISD Horizontal
OAISD Vertical
OAISD with Tagline Horizontal
OAISD with Tagline Vertical

If you need an additional file format, please email our graphic designer, Jannette Bole.