At the Ottawa Area Center, art has become a very important component to our classroom schedule. Therefore, we have formed an Art Committee to explore various types of art and techniques. One way that we have been able to bring art into our school and the classroom is through Zot Artz.

Zot Artz was created by Dwayne and Marianne Szot to be used by individuals of any age and any ability. Dwayne invented small one-of-a-kind art tools to be used to create various art such as pogo paint stick, a roller attachment to wheelchairs for paint or chalk and strapped hand held rollers.

"Art tools are designed so participants with limited movement or lack of fine motor skills can be successful creating, painting, drawing, printing and more." (

We have found that enhancing art at OAC and using Zot art equipment has improves mobility skills, helps students express themselves, encourages student cooperation in working together and allows our students with disabilities the freedom to create art more independently.

Some of the events that have evolved through this committee have been Special Art Days which involve creating murals for prom or different seasons involving our wheelchair students. Fall and Spring Art Days have various activities and craft projects for all students.