Juvenile Justice Institute

Transition Process

Students and parents will complete an Individual School Plan (ISP) when enrolled in JJI. The ISP will be used to track a student's progress through the program and will be updated after 30 and 90 days in attendance. Successful completion of JJI will be considered when the individual goals in all three of the following areas of success have been met.

Academic Success

Students must attend JJI for a minimum of 1 semester. Students must show adequate academic achievement as outlined in their Individual School Plan, including documented improvement in GPA and documented growth as seen in pre- and post-academic assessments.

Behavioral Success 

Students must average level 3.0 or higher in the JJI level system during the semester prior to transitioning out of JJI. Students must reach all behavioral goals as outlined in Individual School Plan.

Probation Success

Students will not have any school related probation violations in the 3 months prior to transitioning out of JJI.