Communication With Local Schools

Once a student is detained at the Ottawa County Juvenile Detention Center, a process to maintain the bridge between schools and Juvenile Service Center (JSC) begins. First, the JSC counselor contacts the student's school liaison by phone and mail. This allows the school's attendance and counseling departments to accommodate for the student's absence. In addition, this contact allows for any important educational information or documentation to be passed on to JSC staff. A computer record of the student's visit is then added and maintained by the JSC liaison.

Upon release, the school's liaison is contacted by phone and mail. This allows the school to prepare, if necessary, for the return of the student. Districts will receive a report that summarizes the work and total instructional hours accumulated during the student's stay. This information is then processed by the school's liaison to accommodate appropriate credits and foster a smooth transition back into their classes.

An ongoing record of all students visiting JSC is maintained by our liaison. It can be updated with subsequent visits, and it can be reproduced if a school requests.