Enrollment Process Support

In order to ensure your district is ready to screen students in the Fall, it is critical that the following steps are taken to complete the enrollment process:

Step 1- Initial Enrollment File Upload

*Your district's technology representative will send enrollment files via the FTP site that was set up for your district. The FTP site is the same site that was used the previous school year to transfer enrollment files. New schools to Delta Math will need an FTP site set up for them to transfer enrollment files. The format of the enrollment files are linked at the bottom of this page.*

  • Option 1: A complete set of the 5 enrollment files are sent with building administrator roles established in the staff enroll file. Once they are loaded into the Delta Math Screening Platform, Building Administrators can fine-tune the enrollments through the InQwizIT Data Manager to ensure all courses are set up properly.
  • Option 2: A complete set of the 5 enrollment files are sent but building administrator roles are not included in the staff enroll file. Use Option 2 in Step 2 to establish building administrators.
  • Option 3: Complete Staff, Student, and Course Files are sent and the Staff Enroll File and Student Enroll file is sent with headers but the fields are null. This option is for districts that choose to have teachers and students added to courses by Building Administrators using the InQwizIT Data Manager. If this option is used, it is imperative that it is communicated to all staff members that will be Building Administrators for Delta Math at their school. Use Option 2 in Step 2 to establish building administrators.

Step 2 - Setting up Building Administrators

  • Option 1: Use the Staff Enrollment file to establish Building Administrator roles. The information on how to format the staff and staff enroll file is linked on the left side of this page in the Enrollment Files section, "Delta Math Enrollment Data Schema".  Please read the section Staff Enrollment on page 5 to see how to give educators the building administrator role through this enrollment file.
  • Option 2: Use the "Contact Us" page at deltamath.org and submit a list of educators that will be building administrators for each building in your district. Along with the educators' first and last names and the schools they will be building administrators for, please provide their district assigned Staff ID.

Step 3 - Enrollment Updates During the School Year

Student Enrollment Updates via Enrollment Files

At any point, districts can send updated student and student enrollment files to be updated in the system. These should be sent using the FTP site for your district.

Student Enrollment Updates via the InQwizIT Data Manager

Schools can choose to manage enrollments throughout the year at each building using the InQwizIT Data Manager. It is still acceptable to send a student and student enroll file at any point if a large number of new students need to be added to the system.

Staff Enrollment Updates

There are very few staff updates that typically occur throughout the school year. If a new staff member needs to be added to the system as a teacher, it can be done through the InQwizIT Data Manger. A new building administrator can be sent through the "Contact Us" page at any time and added to the system by a Delta Math representative. Delta Math will only update staff and staff enroll files at the request of the district provided new files have been sent using the FTP site for your district.