Tech Center Project House

May 2, 2013

Updated pictures of the project house

new five new two

new three new four

Program goals of completion:

1st year (2011-2012 school year)

Our goal for the project house during the first year of construction is to have a completed shell meaning that from the outside view of the home it looks like the home is finished. Students will learn how to properly construct each process of rough framing, and exterior finishing for a home.

2nd year (2012-2013 school year)

Our goal for the project house during the second year of construction will be to complete all of the necessary work (finish trim and kitchen cabinetry) needed for the interior of the home.

The Construction project house is making good progress. We are currently working on completing the rough framing of the main floor. Students have worked hard and diligently to complete the basement rough framing, floor system, decking, stair system, and sheathing. Students will soon be working on getting the roof system and trusses put into place.

Check out these photos of the great work that our student's have done.

Main Flooring System Basement View

Floor SystemBasement enclosed

View of the Main Floor

Main Floor

View of the Garage

Garage (1)

Front View of the Home

Front of the house (1)

Back View of the Home

Back of the house (1)