Work Experience

Ottawa Area ISD ESB Help Desk

Gaining hands-on exposure to the career opportunities through hands-on experience is priceless. All students are required to complete a one day (2 1/2 hour) work experience during the first semester at the ESB Help excellent opportunity to reinforce the classroom experiences through real world examples.

Students were required to assist Mr. Carl Smith and Mrs. Wendy Beamer during their assigned times while gaining the answers to the following questions:

  • What services does the OAISD technology services help desk provide?
  • What work order system (software) does the Help Desk implement?
  • What is the employment hierarchy of the Technology Services Team?
  • How is a work order handled or assigned to different levels?
  • What is the communication process between department members and customers?
  • What evaluation process does the Help Desk use in determining customer satisfaction?
  • What type of Help Desk employee training have members had or will have?
  • What is the budgeting process section of the Tech Team?
  • What hiring trends do they see for the OAISD Help Desk and industry in general?

Student Opinions

It is in my opinion that the work experience at the OAISD was indeed worth the time it took as it provided an inside look at how a help desk really does operate in day-to-day operations. The overall impression that I received from this work experience is that a help desk is indeed a very important part of any company, but it is not something that I would personally like to do unless I was able to go out-and-about during calls. Just gathering that much from the experience is indeed enough to justify doing it.
- Johnathon, AM, Coopersville HS

Going to the OAISD help desk was a good experience. It allowed me to see what a help desk analyst does by watching one. It also allowed me to see some of the programs and tools that they use in their job. I enjoyed the opportunity to shadow Carl Smith for a day.
- Drew, PM, Grand Haven HS