PC and Network Student Tech Exploration Event at Davenport Lettinga Campus

DavenportStudents had an opportunity to learn about post secondary education opportunities offered at Davenport University. To allow students to learn more about careers courses offered, they chose 3 of the following hands-on sessions to attend:

Session Descriptions

Making Connections with Routers

A hands-on learning session will provide students a chance to configure Cisco routers and practice creating connections between them allowing for network connectivity. Cisco routers are the hardware devices that allow worldwide networks to communicate with each other and form the backbone of the Internet. The students will be exposed to equipment that is widely used in the field of networking in Davenport University's Cisco lab.

Making Connections with Cabling

This session will enable students to make network cables and learn about different types of cables. These cable types are used to construct local area networks. The students will each make their own twisted-pair cables with RJ-45 connectors. Each student will test their cables using industry-standard equipment.

VoIP Experience

-Can we talk? Making Connections using IP Telephony

What is Voice over IP? It's voice. It's data. It's VoIP!
What's in it for you? Demonstration of Skype

-Internet Telephony

What's in it for business? Demonstration of Cisco IP Phones

Making Connections with Programming and Security

A short hands-on learning session where basic programming techniques are presented to eliminate the most common security holes in web page applications. The session introduces basic security concepts including: password strength, physical security, and programmatic security. SQL Injection attacks are used in the hands-on demonstration.

Making Connections with Game Design

This session will investigate concepts of game programming and discuss what college courses are relevant to game programming. Sample 2D and 3D game engines and several common tools used in game programming will be demonstrated.

Making Connections with Windows Movie Maker

This will be a short hands-on learning session about Windows Movie Maker. The students will access the internet to download photos and sound files and use Windows Movie Maker to create a video file. Topics covered will include: importing pictures, importing audio/sound files, creating the timeline, video effects, and transitions.

Security Protection Against Keylogging

Viruses, Spyware, and now Keylogging - oh my! How can you protect against this type of activity? We will take a look at how keylogging is implemented, its ethical consideration, as well as how to detect these running processes on a computer. We will also look at taking a proactive approach to block this activity on a computer system.

Student Opinion of Visit

My opinion is that, overall it was a good day, but the classes should've been filled with more knowledge prior to the actual hands-on experience. That only applies so much to the routing and movie maker class. The instructor from the key logging class was filled with energy and really kept me on my toes on what we were going to do next. At the end though it was all good and it only needs minor improvements.
- Craig, PM, Allendale HS

I like the idea of the Biometric security...that sounded really sweet and I would enjoy studying that. The technology is definitely impressive. One of the things that appealed to me was the renewal plan which would allow me to go back to Davenport to re-learn so that I can stay competitive in the job market.
- Andrew, AM, Hudsonville HS