Young Adult Services Staff

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Name Position Phone
Peter Johnson Director 616-738-8950 x4910
Rose Garcia Secretary 616-738-8960 x4909

CBI Coopersville

Name Position Phone
Katherine Briggs Aide

CBI Grand Haven 1

Name Position Phone
Terry Goldberg Teacher 616-738-8960 x4901
Stephanie Brown Aide 616-738-8960 x4903
Sally Dooge Aide 616-738-8960 x4903
JoVanna McConnell Aide 616-738-8960 x4903
Jeri Oakwood Aide 616-738-8960 x4903

CBI Grand Haven 2

Name Position Phone
Kimberly Masterton Teacher 616-738-8960 x4900
Melissa Dreese Aide 616-738-8960 x4902
Debbie Stinehart Aide 616-738-8960 x4902

Grand Haven Transition Center

Name Position Phone
Olivia Zienert Teacher 616-738-8960 x4840

CBI Holland 1a

Name Position Phone
Rose Redmond Teacher 616-738-8960 x4912
Jan Klompmaker Aide 616-738-8960 x4845
Jesse Sutherland Aide 616-738-8960 x4845
Dawn Timmer Aide 616-738-8960 x4845

CBI Holland 1b

Name Position Phone
Heather Beimers Teacher 616-738-8960 x4844
Susan Green Aide 616-738-8960 x4845
Landen Koster Aide 616-738-8960 x4845
Emma Ragar Aide 616-738-8960 x4845

CBI Holland 1c

Name Position Phone
Christina Brown Aide 616-738-8960
Deborah Cortez Aide 616-738-8960

CBI Holland 2a

Name Position Phone
Brittany Boom Teacher 616-738-8960 x4925
Brenda Hop Aide 616-738-8960 x4913
Patricia Krzywos Aide 616-738-8960 x4913

CBI Holland 2b

Name Position Phone
Laruen Kretowicz Teacher 616-738-8960 x4849
Karen Bishop Aide 616-738-8960 x4914
Maryanne Johnson Aide 616-738-8960 x4914
Mary Schaeff-Pickelman Aide 616-738-8960 x4914

Holland Transition Center

Name Position Phone
Alison Schantz Teacher 616-738-8960 x4911
Yolanda Krzywonos Aide 616-738-8960 x4915
Sue Piers Aide 616-738-8960 x4915

CBI Hudsonville 1

Name Position Phone
Alicia LaZette Teacher 616-738-8960 x4862
Jenilee Cook Aide 616-738-8960 x4858
Gay Lynn VanDyke Aide 616-738-8960 x4858
Rachael Walters Aide 616-738-8960 x4858

CBI Hudsonville 2

Name Position Phone
Erin Wing Teacher 616-738-8960 x4323
Dan Carrell Aide 616-738-8960 x4859
Beth Mulder Aide 616-738-8960 x4859

Hudsonville Transition Center

Name Position Phone
Jake Mulder Teacher 616-669-4727
Jaci Longstreet Aide 616-669-4727
Jill TenBrink Aide 616-738-8960 x4915

CBI Zeeland 1

Name Position Phone
Eric VandenBerg Teacher 616-738-8960 x4322
Marybeth Alderink Aide 616-738-8960 x4854

CBI Herman Miller

Name Position Phone
Mary Palumbo Team Leader 269-355-2341
Karen Fischer Aide 269-355-2341
Renee Kolean Job Developer 616-738-8950 x4456

CBI Papermaking

Name Position Phone
Tara Buter Aide 616-748-6514
Carole VanderZwaag Aide 616-748-6514

Project SEARCH

Name Position Phone
Renee Visser Teacher 616-890-8490

MOCI Program

Name Position Phone
Trisha Cook Aide
Marcia Haslick Aide 616-738-8960
Carla Nadeau Aide 616-738-8960