Sheldon Pines Staff

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Sheldon Pines School

6542 136th Avenue
Holland, MI 49424
Phone: (616) 738-8970
Fax: (616) 399-2468


Name Department Position Phone
Jennifer Field Administration Director 616-738-8970 x4801


Name Department Position Phone
Brandi Navarro Administration Coordinator 616-738-8970 x4805

School Social Worker

Name Department Position Phone
Jamie Kmiecik Support Staff School Social Worker 616-738-8970 x4824


Name Department Position Phone
Lucy Evans Instructional Teacher 616-738-8970 x4830
Candace Hespen Instructional Teacher 616-738-8970 x4838
Kaarina Raffenaud Instructional Teacher 616-738-8970 x4825
Philip Roels Instructional Teacher 616-738-8970 x4835
Catherine Schofield Instructional Teacher 616-738-8970 x4811


Name Department Position Phone
Cindy Chapman Administration Secretary 616-738-8970 x4800

Teacher Assistant

Name Department Position Phone
Adam Castro Instructional Teacher Assistant 616-738-8960
Joseph Murphy Support Staff Teacher Assistant 616-738-8970
Jennifer Phelps Instructional Teacher Assistant 616-738-8970
Rhonda Russell Instructional Teacher Assistant 616-738-8970
Keith Soule Instructional Teacher Assistant 616-738-8970
William Van Antwerp Instructional Teacher Assistant 616-738-8970