Behavior Planning



Below are resources that you may find helpful while engaged in behavior planning to help students be successful. If you are looking for general information on how to do a Functional Behavior Assessment and Positive Behavior Support Plan, please follow the links for FBA to PBSP Modules 1-7. Tools for data collection, behavior planning, online resources, Ottawa Countywide Child Study Team Packet, book titles, and other helpful documents are located below. The Behavioral Consultant Team at the Ottawa Area ISD is also available as a resource to the local school districts. For the Request for Consultant Services form and for Consultant Contact Information please see below.



  • Lost at School by Ross W. Greene Ph.D.
  • How Children Succeed by Paul Tough
  • Wonder by R. J. Palacio

Helpful Documents

FBA/BIP Process
45 Minute BSP Meeting Mechanics Format
FBA Based Intervention Chart (ASD)
Antecedent/Setting Event Questions
FBA Toolkit
Behavioral Plan Support Checklist

Data Collection

Frequency Tally Sheet
ABC Data Sheet
Behavior Observation Forms

Behavior Change Techniques

Behavior Change Sequence (ASD)
Prompt Heirarchy/Prompting and Fading
Task Analysis

Autism Spectrum Disorders

IEP Implementation Checklist
Autism Spectrum Disorder Fact Sheet
CETA - Classroom Evaluation and Teaching Assessment
Evidence Based Practices for Students with ASD
Communicative Form and Function
Profile of Change

  • PBIS
  • Family
  • Looking at ASD Differently
  • Ed Strategies
  • Peer to Peer Supports
  • IEP Development

Paraprofessional Support

Adult Support Determination Tool
Alternatives to Para Support Tool
Effectively Utilizing Paraprofessionals
Para Support Allocation (Elementary)
Para Support Allocation (Secondary)


Michigan Seclusion/Restraint Laws
Seclusion/Restraint Resource Document - Federal
Documentation Seclusion/Restraint
PDF DocumentOttawa Area ISD CPI Training Schedule 2016-17

Alternatives to Suspension - Peer to Peer, Resorative Practices, Letter, PBIS

State Letter on Zero Tolerance
Peer to Peer Supports
Restorative Practices

For Additional Help

Request for Consultant Services Forms
Consultant Contact Information
PDF DocumentOttawa Countywide Child Student Team Referral Packet - May, 2016