Special Needs


Ottawa Area Intermediate School District Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

You have support on issues involving your child. It helps to know there is an organization like the PAC, through which parents have a voice for their opinions and concerns. The PAC is a group of parents who have children with a disability and receive special education services. Members, representing each district, are chosen upon recommendation of an administrator, approved by local school district boards, and final authority to appoint members rests with the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District Board.

The PAC strives to represent the interest and concerns of students with special needs and their parents. It also strives to promote partnership between parents, student, the local school district, and the OAISD by facilitating communication and cooperation.

The PAC:

  • Stresses cooperation between parents, school personnel, and other service providers.
  • Listens and offers support to parents of special education students.
  • Encourages, advises, and processes information for parents of special education students.

PAC Reference Documents

PDF DocumentFrequently Asked Questions by Parents about Special Education, March 2010
PDF DocumentGuardianship and Alternatives to Guardianship
PDF DocumentPAC Brochure
PDF DocumentPAC By-laws Approved 9/20/12
PDF DocumentParent Information Handbook October 2014



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Questions regarding the PAC or parent concerns regarding special education services may be directed to any committee member.

Local School Districts

Karen Lynema  616-928-4356

Black River

Shelly Rawlings  616-450-2283

Grand Haven

Jennifer Wassink  269-751-5092

Margie Broussard  616-395-4095

Sarah VandenHeuvel  616-277-6418

Heidi Pamerleau  616-334-7363                                             

Jessica Guzman  269-455-0044

Spring Lake
Kim Zonca  616-844-2204

West Ottawa
Kendra VanDerVeen  616-566-2727

Kim Kolean  616-294-1276

Member at large
Donna Bunce  616-748-6011
Compassionate Heart Ministry

Charter Schools

Eagle Crest Charter Academy
Jill Ortiz   616-610-9183

Vanderbilt Charter Academy
Elizabeth Bakker  616-796-5792

West MI Academy of Arts
and Academics



Mark King
616-738-8940 Ext. 4020

Greg LaMore
616-738-8940 Ext. 4030