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September 2016
September 2016- Spanish

May 2016
May 2016- Spanish

April 2016
April 2016- Spanish

March 2016
March 2016-Spanish

February 2016
February 2016-Spanish

January 2016
January 2016-Spanish

December 2015
December 2015-Spanish

November 2015
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October 2015
October 2015-Spanish

September 2015
September 2015-Spanish

May 2015
May 2015-Spanish Version

April 2015
April 2015-Spanish Version

March 2015
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February 2015
February 2015-Spanish Version 


January 2015
January 2015-Spanish Version 

December 2014
December 2014-Spanish Version 

November 2014
November 2014-Spanish Version 

October 2014
October 2014-Spanish Version 

September 2014
September 2014 -Spanish Version  

May 2014
Learning with Nature, Homemade Yard Games, Power of Poetry

May 2014-Spanish Version

April 2014
Showing Character, Springtime Fun, Writing

April 2014-Spanish Version 

March 2014
Family Playtime, Growing a Reader, Ready for Kindergarten

March 2014-Spanish Version 

February 2014
Tips for Better behavior, Music, Homemade Playdough

February 2014-Spanish Edition 

January 2014
Colorful Learning, Realistic Expectations, Healthy Self Esteem, ABC Hunt

January 2014-Spanish Edition 

December 2013
Compassion in Action, Play with Math, Oodles of Doodles 

 December 2013-Spanish Edition

November 2013
Building LanguageSkills, Raise an Independent Child, Learning with Traditions 

November 2013-Spanish Edition 

October 2013
Teaching Respect, Strengthen Little Fingers, Adapting to Change

October 2013-Spanish Version 

September 2013
Healthy Habits, Excited About Learning, Flashlight Talks, Words that Inspire Cooperation

September 2013-Spanish Version

May 2013
Summer learning, Tame the TV,  Get Along with Siblings, Problem Solving

May 2013-Spanish Version

April 2013
Skills for Life, Outdoor Learning, Free time for play, Interupting 

April 2013- Spanish Version 

March 2013
Things That Go, Family Game Night, Honesty, Tasty Science

March 2013-Spanish Version

February 2013
Growing a Vocabulary, Bullying, Family History, Library

February 2013-Spanish Version

January 2013
Winter Family Fun, Snow Learning, Pretend Play, Feelings

January 2013-Spanish Version

December 2012
Raising Dependable Children,  Face Patterns, Invent a Holiday, Technology Tips

December 2012-Spanish Version

November 2012
Friendships/Learning Styles/Cultural Awareness/Protecting the Environment

November 2012-Spanish Version

October 2012
Creative Discipline/Time for Nature/Siblings/Community

October 2012-Spanish Version

September 2012
Back to School/Routines/Fixing Toys/Learning on the Go

September 2012-Spanish Version


 Early Years Bonus Tracks

Peaceful Parenting
Peaceful Parenting-Spanish Version 

ABC and 123-Exploring and Numbers
ABC and 123-Exploring and Numbers-Spanish Version 

Bringing Out Their Best
Bringing Out Their Best-Spanish Version


Archived OAISD Newsletters

The Early Childhood team at the Ottawa Area ISD created a newsletters of information for parents who have children birth to five.These include information on discipline, educational activities, how to prepare your child for school and local commnuity resources. 

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