ISD Programs - Reporting Forms

For Kent ISD and Ottawa Area ISD personnel only.

Local school districts and charters do not complete these forms.

Note: Forms and additional documents that must be submitted for audit are identified on the checklist.

For these OAISD Programs, start with checklist 7(A):


  • Ottawa Area Center
  • Community Based Early Childhood Program (Infant-Toddler)
  • Sheldon Pines School
  • Juvenile Services Center

For these OAISD Programs (locals claim FTE); start with checklist 7(B):

  • Careerline Tech Center
  • Work Readiness - Automotive Program
  • Juvenile Justice Institute
Word DocumentPA-7(A) Checklist OAISD Programs – OAISD Claims FTE
Word DocumentPA-7(B) Checklist OAISD Programs – Locals Claim FTE
Excel DocumentPA-102 Special Education Summary w/SE Worksheets
Word DocumentPA-104 District Planning Form
Word DocumentPA-201 Verification: Teacher Cert/Field Trips/Recess
Word DocumentPA-5B(ISD) Cooperative Education (CTC, Work Readiness)
Word DocumentPA-5D Homebound/Hospitalized
Word DocumentPA-5F Part-time Pupils
Word DocumentPA-5GB Early/Middle College
Word DocumentPA-5K Special Education Early Childhood
Word DocumentPA-5L Special Education Transition
Word DocumentPA-5P Work Based Learning Pupils
Word DocumentPA-ISD (3) SE Pupils with IEP for Less Than Full-Time


Forms for the following Kent ISD Programs:


  • Kent Career Technical Center
  • Kent Transition Center
  • Kent Innovation High School
Word DocumentPA-8 Checklist KISD Programs, Locals Claim FTE
Word DocumentPA-201 Verification: Teacher Certification/Field Trips/Recess
Word DocumentPA-5GA Post-Secondary Dual Enrollment
Word DocumentPA-5L Special Education Transition Services Pupils
Word DocumentPA-5OD Expanded Online Learning (21f)
Word DocumentPA-5O(ABD) Virtual Learning Participation Log
Word DocumentPA-5P Work Based Learning Pupils


Forms for KISD MySchool@Kent/SuccessLink Seat-Time Waiver Program:

Word DocumentPA-KISD-50(1) MS/SL Seat-Time Waiver Program
Word DocumentPA-KISD-50(2) MS/SL Virtual Learning Participation Log


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