Pupil Membership - Days and Clock Hours

Minimum Instructional Days/Hours Remain 180 days and 1,098 hours in 2017-18


SY 2017-18 Days & Clock Hours of Instruction Forms

Excel DocumentPA-45 - Days & Hours of Instruction Form

Excel DocumentPA-45A - Days & Hours ISD Programs Form

Excel DocumentPA-45HC - Days & Hours ECSE Home Community Programs Form

Excel DocumentPA-45Cyber - Days & Hours Cyber Schools Form

SY 2017-2018 FTE for ISD Programs 

PDF DocumentPA-45A(1) Kent ISD Operated Programs Days & Hours

PDF Document PA-45A(2) Ottawa Area ISD Operated Programs Days & Hours


SY 2017-18 Canceled/Forgiven Worksheets & Attendance Log

Excel DocumentPA-46 Canceled and Forgiven Worksheet (optional)

Excel DocumentPA-45B - 75% Attendance Log (optional; use if SIS will not produce % attendance report)


Educational Entity Master (EEM) End of Year Days & Clock Hours Submission

PDF DocumentEEM D/CH Quick Entry Guide (revised to reflect state reporting changes for 2016-17)

Word DocumentMDE Days, Hours, and Attendance Tracking Document NEW! (req'd if district completed only abbreviated EEM D/CH entry - i.e., district "Satisfied" days and clock hour minimums in all buildings/programs).

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Project Manager/Pupil Auditing
Educational Services Building
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Tamara Manne
Educational Services Building
Susan Pawlak
Educational Services Building
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Joyce Robrahn
Educational Services Building
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