OAISD Policies

General School Administration Policies


A. Appointment
B. Compensation and Benefits
C. Evaluation
D. Acceptance of Office
Administrative Evaluation 2100 03/15/2012  
Administrative Personnel 211003/19/1992 03/15/2012
A. Compensation Guides and Contracts
B. Qualifications and Duties
C. Appointment
D. Orientation
E. Time Schedules
F. Part-Time Administrators
G. Temporary Administrators
H. Personnel
I. Administrative Internship Program
J. Evaluation
Administrator Conflict of Interest211510/20/2005 
Professional Development-Administrators212003/19/199212/18/2003
Staff Conflict of Interest212510/20/2005 
Handbooks & Publications Approval213003/19/1992 
Records 214003/19/1992 06/11/2015
A. Central Office Records
B. Building Records
C. Public Use
D. Disposition
E. Freedom of Information Act Requests

Administrative Rules & Regulations (Records - Freedom of Information Act Requests)

Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act214510/17/1996 
Use of Video Surveillance Cameras 215010/21/200411/15/2012
Social Security Number Privacy215512/15/2005 
Administrative Rules & Regulations (Social Security Number Privacy)   
Health Records - HIPPA216010/19/2006 
Media Relations220005/20/1993 
Credit Card Use230006/20/1996 
Public School Academies231010/17/1996
Weapons Free Zone 2400 11/21/2013