Bids and RFP's

Current Bids:

No bids at this time.

Purpose of the bids.oaisd.org Website

The purpose of this site is twofold. First, this site ensures that a consistent communication of each "Bid Request for Proposal" and "Request for Quotation" is provided to all interested parties. Second, this site ensures that the process is open to all vendors who which to participate.

The requests are categorized according to the type of project or items, e.g., technology, construction, etc. During the pilot phase, only technology requests are listed. Additional categories will be added as this site is rolled out to other departments.

OAISD reserves the right to reject any or all bids/quotes and is not bound to accept low bids. OAISD also reserves the right to accept partial bids. Each Bid Request for Proposal and Request for Quotation wholly contains the official bid requirements and supercede any information provided in the general overview of this site.