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Male student spinning basketball on finger
Female student in library
Students working at carwash
Male student in front of chalkboard with math equations

We serve students
who are at-risk educationally due to emotional impairments or behavioral issues.


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In the Spotlight
MSU Extension in West Olive,has received a grant from the Nat. 4-H Council and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Program to provide an alternative youth mentoring program.
Art students at the Ottawa County Juvenile Detention Center are supporting Love, Inc. and want your vote.
Students at Sheldon Pines School are participating in a Save the Children effort by making hats for newborns around the world.
Juvenile Justice Institute Students Play Ball
The Juvenile Justice Institute Cougars basketball team participates in the Lakeshore Honors Basketball League coordinated through Barnabas Ministries.
Juvenile Services Center Students Benefit From Distance Learning
Distance Learning opportunities are used by the Juvenile Services Center through technology. Students can interact with places and activities as they occur!
Sheldon Pines Students Host 25th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner
Sheldon Pines students recently hosted their 25th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner to "serve" others by working with staff to perform all duties associated with the dinner.