Career Camp 2017

Career Camp 2017 Bus Schedule

Career Camp will run this summer from June 12-16 and June 19-23. Registration begins on Monday, May 1 and can be done online, by mail, or in person. The cost for Career Camp classes this year is $50 with busing an additional $20. Classes offered this summer are:

Animal Planet
Love animals? Learn about animal behavior and how to keep them healthy by working with dogs, pigs, sheep, goats, calves, and rabbits. We also learn about bees and bee hives. (Students will be given protective wear but those with bee allergies should not attend.)
Auto Tech
Pop open the hood of your family's car and what do you see? Discover what's going on in there by doing an oil change, tire checks, and other mechanics of a car.
Business Boot Camp (New Program)
Think "Shark Tank" as you learn the ins and outs of product promotion, marketing, merchandising and testing. Find out if your product has what it takes to be the next "must have"!
Computer Tech
Do you know how computers work? Figure it out by taking our computers apart. Check out the various portable tablets and experiment with operating systems.
Construction Junction
Want to build something? Come discover the basics of building. Swing a hammer, use power tools, and work on different projects around the lab.
CSI Tech
Do you have what it takes to solve a crime? Learn how to collect and preserve evidence from a crime scene and find out about careers in criminal justice. (Week 1 only)
Destination Robotics
Robots and drones? We have them! Draw part of a robot in 3D on a computer. Put it together in real life and test it in a competition against other robots. (Week 1 only)
Diesel Engines 101
Ever wondered what a semi truck looks like from the inside? Find out in this class where you will learn about the parts of a diesel engine and how they work together. (Week 1 only)
Up for ED-venture? EDCamp will be a time of fun, exploration, creativity, learning and adventure. If you think youi want to be a teacher or work with kids, come join us. We'll do crafts, sing camp songs, do science experiments, make food, and more.
Emergency 911
Could you save a life? Learn basic first aid skills, CPR, and rescue techniques that are used by emergency medical technicians every day. You will even get a CPR card from the American Heart Association.
Thiking about a career in engineering? Learn drawing and design techniques. Use computer generated software to create a 3D model.
Fender Bender (New Program)
Put yourself in the middle of an Auto Body shop. Sand and prep a sample car panel. Spray paint with your own unique color/design on the panel and finish with a clear coat.
Good Eats
Do you watch cooking show? Like to spend time in the kitchen? Check out our kitchen and learn how to prepare a dinner that you can make at home.
Design Camp
Calling all artistic types! Capture your image with a webcam and apply cool special effects. Use Photoshop to create a one of a kind design and make your creation into a button, sticker, magnet...then airbrush a bag (graffiti style) to carry your creations home.
"Grey's Anatomy" Tech Style (New Program)
How does your brain tell your body what's happening? What happens to your lungs when you take a breath? What happens if you lose your sense of sight or smell? Find out as you take a trip through the inside of a human body.
It's Electric!
Learn how to capture the wind neede to generate electricity. Design and build your own wind turbine blades which you will use to product power. Campers will combine their turbines to create a "wind farm" and measure the power produced. (Week 1 only)
It's Magnetic!
Learn how magnets are used in generators to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy and electrical energy to mechanical energy by building a simple motor that you can take home. (Week 2 only)
Lights, Camera, Action
Create and star in your own commercial. You will record footage, download it, and edit it on a computer. At the end of the day, you will be able to access the commercial you made online.
Make-a-Difference Day
Want to make a difference this summer? Come join us as we volunteer at a local organization that needs our help! Learn about public service and the many ways you can help your community.
Paging Dr. You!
It's all about you! Explore healthy habits that keep you looking and feeling your best including nutrition, exercise, hand washing, basic first aid, and germs.
Pastry Arts
Have a sweet tooth? Take this class and learn how to mix and bake dough, use the ovens, and work with pastry bags to create a mouthwatering masterpiece that you can take home to share, (Week 2 only)
Pizza Plus
Like pizza? Using a real wood fired oven, create and cook your own unique pizza. Explore other foods that can be make in a wood fired over like meats, pasta, bread. or desserts.
Smile and Open Wide
You've been to the dentist. Now experience it from the other side. Take dental impressions, learn about teeth and sealants and even learn how detectives can identify victims at crime scenes through dental records.
Think Ink
Printed products are everywhere you look. Dive into this creative world from concept to finished product. Potential projects include: t-shirts, package design, student created posters, and more. (Week 2 only)
Learn about underground sprinkling systems used in landscaping and golf courses, then go outside to hook up your own system. You will also learn how to solder copper piping including soldering a project you will get to take home. (Week 1 only)
What's Your Style?
Interested in hair, make-up, and manicures? Learn basic hair styles, braiding techniques, skin care, make-up applications, and nail care.


Career Camp is a one-week camp for current 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. All classes will offer hands-on fun.


Session 1: June 12 -16
Session 2:  June 19 - 23